Beta Launch! -- 24/07/2013


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    Beta Launch! -- 24/07/2013 Empty Beta Launch! -- 24/07/2013

    Post by Laeta on Tue Jul 23, 2013 10:35 pm

    We're online! This means that the beta phase has officially started.

    As the beta phase has started, you get to play and experience our servers' features, while in the mean time
    we work hard to get the remaining things done.

    The following is still unavailable for now, but you can expect it to be done in the following days:

    - Website & Control Panel
    - Vote 4 Points & Donation (It's the same currency)
    - Fixes & updates

    To register and download the server, please refer to this thread.

    Also, if you have any ideas for how we could improve the server, make sure to post your thoughts it in the Suggestion & Ideas Section!

    On a completely different note; once beta is over, there won't be a wipe. In fact, the beta(/early) players will be rewarded for
    being with us from the very beginning! The reward however will remain a secret. Please look forward to it. Wink

    Thank you!

    - WarfareRO Staff

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