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    In-game Rules Empty In-game Rules

    Post by Laeta on Wed Jul 24, 2013 12:52 am

    - General Rules -

    - Our servers' language is English. Not Dutch, Italian, Tagalog or anything else. You are expected to speak English in public chat. If you wish to chat in your own language, only do it through private message, guildchat or partychat, NOT in public chat. We're taking this very serious.
    - Do not use any third party program, if you get caught WPEing/botting/scamming/hacking/whatever you'll be permanently banned on all your accounts. (The only allowed third party tool is Mir Ai for Alchemists.)
    - Do not make any client-side/visual modifications to by-pass the skill delay. (The only visual modifications allowed are the ones that are approved in the forums)
    - Do not ask players for their account information or give out your own information. If you get hacked because you gave out your ID and password you'll have to deal with the consequences and start from scratch. We do not recover lost items.
    - Do not make characters with offending names or containing foul language. Also, avoid character names with a combination of these symbols: "l" and "|", and a capital "i" (Examples: IIIIIIII, ||||||||, llllllllll) They use the same exact character-type in-game, therefore all look the same.) If you are caught doing so you will be forced to do a namechange. Repeatable offenses will result into a ban.
    - Do not pretend to be a Game Master or put "GM" in front of your character name.
    - Do not mention/advertise other servers in any possible way.
    - Do not use @duel or spam skills in towns, the mall, vend area, inside buildings and other maps where it could bother players.
    - Do not vend in the mall part. If you wish to vend, kindly go through the warp portal to vend in the appropriate area.
    - Do not block NPCs, Guild Flags or Warp Portals with chat rooms or vends.
    - If you submit a report; always include screenshots. If you don't, we can not help you.
    - We do not recover items. If an item got lost due to sharing account information, wrong-mailing, dropping on the floor, or any other possible cause; it'll be your own fault.
    - Do not disrespect the Game Masters, we are here to provide you a free, fun Ragnarok Online server, and we work very hard for that. Disrespect will not be tolerated.
    - Do not swear or use foul language, also avoid any kind of (sexual) discrimination, harassment or racism.
    - Do not abuse possible exploits. If you find a exploit, please report it to a GM and you will be rewarded for it. If you are caught abusing an exploit, you'll get banned.
    - Do not use the broadcast NPC to raise your voice for anything other than in-game market related services.
    - Do not make multiple accounts to vote with. You are only allowed to vote for points with one account.

    - WoE/PvP -

    - The (general) harassment rules do not apply for PVP, if you run into trouble and want it to stop, leave the map and even /ex the offender if needed. PVP generally isn't all rainbows and sunshines so you shouldn't expect players to be nice here. Unless a player is really crossing the line (extreme racism, sexual discrimination, etc), we will not take any actions.
    - Do not block WoE-castle Warp Portals with skills such as Ice Wall.
    - Do not deal, or send friend/party-invites to members from other guilds during WoE.

    - Faction War Rules -

    Except for the second PvP/WoE rule, the PvP/WoE rules apply for the Faction War as well. Beside that, there is but one other rule:

    - Dual-/multi-clienting in the Faction War is forbidden! You do not only farm a great amount of War Coins that way, you'll also take the slot that a (active) player could've taken. If you are caught dual clienting in the Faction War, you will be banned without a warning.  If you wish to play the Faction War with brothers, sisters or parents in the same household, be so kind to inform us by mailing to: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    If you do so you will be considered as a exception. We will, of course (again to prevent abusers), keep close track on those who have submitted a e-mail to see if they're not trying to fool us. So if you're caught having two idling characters who are according to your e-mail your "brother" and "sister", you will be considered as dual clienting and thus banned as well!

    We, the GMs of WarfareRO, have the right to add, change and delete rules whenever we think is necessary.

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