Update -- 25/07/2013


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    Update -- 25/07/2013 Empty Update -- 25/07/2013

    Post by Laeta on Thu Jul 25, 2013 3:17 am

    Hello guys,

    I've done a quick update today while no one was online.  We've had some players come to us and said that we should provide
    them with (temporarily) freebies. And so we have. From now on upon making a new character you'll receive a "Freebie Pack".

    We will also put this Freebie Pack in the storage of the players that have joined yesterday to avoid a disadvantage between them and
    players that will join from this day on.

    The Freebie Pack contains the following items:

    • 1x Newbie Hat[0] - Reduces neutral damage by 30%, DEF + 10 (Expires after 7 days)
    • 2x Newbie Ring[0] - All Stats + 5, ATK + 30, MATK + 30 (Expires after 7 days)
    • 3x Basic Field Manual - Increases EXP by 25% for 30 minutes (Expires after 7 days)
    • 5x Bowman Scroll Level 10 - Summons a Bowman to aid you in battle (Expires after 7 days)

    Here are a few other small changes not related to the Freebie Pack:

    • We've moved the Broadcaster up a bit, she is now located near the Rental Service (Breeder) in Prontera.
    • A one-click Identifier is now available on the spot were the Broadcaster previously was.

    Note: Remember to patch! - If patching doesn't work, follow the instructions in the patcher notice.

    That's about it.

    Enjoy playing!

    - WarfareRO Staff

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