[Done] Update 26/07/13 - Website Up, Vote4Points, Etc!


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    [Done] Update 26/07/13 - Website Up, Vote4Points, Etc!  Empty [Done] Update 26/07/13 - Website Up, Vote4Points, Etc!

    Post by Laeta on Fri Jul 26, 2013 12:59 am

    Hi everyone!

    I'm going to keep it short.
    There will be a reboot today at 18:00 server time. We've made several changes and fixes.

    Here a list of what's going to change:

    • The statpoint system will be set to Pre-RE. Apparently for some reason the server was reading the RE formula.
    • We've noticed that some items dropped already identified. This will also be fixed after the reboot is finished.
    • The website is almost done! It's accessible for the players although we are still making modifications
      here and there. You are recommended to access the CP and log in to set your e-mail adress, this is in case you lose your password.
      You'll at least be able to recover it then!
    • Along with the website; the Vote 4 Points will be available, donations however is still under construction. The shop will be up
      though so this means that you'll be able to spend the present we've given you last night! You can find the Shop NPCs for this in the mall.
      The redeem NPC however is north-east of the Prontera square!
    • The Faction Helper is going to be fixed.

    That's about it for today.

    Enjoy playing WarfareRO!

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