[Done] Update 27/07/13 - Unlimited Ammo, Stat Points, Etc!


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    [Done] Update 27/07/13 - Unlimited Ammo, Stat Points, Etc!

    Post by Laeta on Fri Jul 26, 2013 10:20 pm

    Hello everyone!

    We hope you've been enjoying the server so far. For those who have experienced any possible trouble, on behalf of the team, I'd like to apologize for that.
    Please continue reporting whenever you run into something unusual, only that way we can get rid of every problem!

    Now, to the maintenance part... here's a list of what's going to change:

    • The stat point values will be set back to Pre-RE, this means you'll gain more stat points than you do now. If you're already max level; resetting your stats will do the trick!
    • Donation will be available, you will however have to wait until after the reboot until you can redeem your donation in-game.
    • The third job shops will be removed from the mall seeing how they're no longer necessary.
    • A PVP Ladder is going to be added, this feature comes along with a web-based code that suits our "Toughest Player" window on the website. The in game one functions properly but the
      web page one is still under construction, it won't show any stats until further notice.
    • Ammo is now unlimited.

    Please keep in mind to download the latest server files! You are going to need them, so please do so!

    Enjoy playing!

    - WarfareRO Staff

    Currently busy with lots of changes! Expect even more new and exciting updates! Wink

    Please be so kind to vote for us! Or like us on Facebook!
    Also, reviews are very much appreciated! - Thank you!

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    Re: [Done] Update 27/07/13 - Unlimited Ammo, Stat Points, Etc!

    Post by johlanjj on Thu Aug 01, 2013 4:05 pm

    u guys shoulda make it just pvp kills and deaths **!!!

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