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    Guild Castles Empty Guild Castles

    Post by Phocus on Sat Jul 27, 2013 10:54 am

    So another player and I checked out one of the guild castles the other day and took it over for fun. However, when we tried taking another castle, we could not even hit the Emperium. I'm not sure when WoE times are and whether or not we were in during that time, but is each individual guild only allowed to take one castle maximum? I guess another general question would be how WoE exactly works in this server, if it is any different from other servers?

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    Guild Castles Empty Re: Guild Castles

    Post by Laeta on Sat Jul 27, 2013 8:11 pm

    WoE is still under construction. The plan we have in mind for WoE is that players are able to collect War Coins in the castles by killing
    eachother or by destroying the emp (we haven't exactly figured it out which option is the best yet, hence why WoE is still under construction).
    Either way, we aim to make WoE an exciting and attracting event for everyone, hopefully we'll succeed upon doing so. Keep in mind that suggestions are welcome.

    To answer your other question, we've indeed set the limit of a max of 1 guild castles for now because of our low population, otherwise a small
    group of players could break the emp of every caste which not only gives them many treasures, but it also gives them access to every guild dungeon.

    I hope to have informed you enough!

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