[Done] Update 29/07/13 - New MVPs, Referral NPC, more!


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    [Done] Update 29/07/13 - New MVPs, Referral NPC, more! Empty [Done] Update 29/07/13 - New MVPs, Referral NPC, more!

    Post by Laeta on Sun Jul 28, 2013 10:10 pm

    Hello everyone,

    First of, good news, the WarfareRO full download is up! You can grab it from our download page. With this, new players should no longer have problems to get the game working.

    Now, as for the update~
    We're going to add a few more features. Most of them has been discussed in our forum polls or suggested in game.

    (However, there are still a few polls open, if possible we'd like to ask you to take a moment to read, vote and give feedback on them. Thank you!)

    Here's a list of things that'll be added/changed:

    • The MVP room will be made slightly cheaper to access. Also, two new MVPs have been added to the list! Allow me to introduce you to Dark Valkyrie and Pink Lady!
      These two new MVPs will drop a custom card, to find out what this card does, you will have to collect it. Note: The MVP arena is the only place where you can find these MVPs.
    • We will be adding a Referral NPC, we hope that this NPC will help us to increase our population. Here is is short how it works:
      - Player A invites a friend (Player B) to our server.
      - Player A & Player B both talk to the referral NPC. Player A picks the option "- I have referred a friend". Player B picks the option "- A friend referred me here".
      - If Player B really is new, a silent timer will be attached to him/her. After 24 hours have passed and Player B has played for at least 2 hours, Player A will be able to claim his reward at the Referral NPC.
      - Do note, there will be many checks to avoid violation of the system! An IP check, aid registration ID check, idling/AFK check, Vend/Chat room check, and so on!
    • We and our other players have been asked by many new players were certain NPCs/features are located at. It came to our attention that, if a new player can't find a certain NPC
      right away, he'll log off and never comes back. Therefor we're going to add a "WarfareRO Guide" NPC in town. If you click it a menu pops up with options, it shows a list of
      NPCs, the location of the NPC you select will be shown with a mark on the mini-map. This should make things easier!
    • We're going to try out a WoE reward system, with this system the online guild(members) that ends up with a castle will be rewarded after WoE. The reward will be 3 War Coins for now.
    • A global day and night system will be implented. It switches over every two hours.

    Don't forget to patch! If you have troubles patching, read the notice in the WarfareRO Patcher.exe window!

    That will be it for today, folks!

    Enjoy playing!

    - WarfareRO Staff

    Currently busy with lots of changes! Expect even more new and exciting updates! Wink

    Please be so kind to vote for us! Or like us on Facebook!
    Also, reviews are very much appreciated! - Thank you!

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