[Done] Update 31/07/13 - Event Info, ACD Reduction, Etc!


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    [Done] Update 31/07/13 - Event Info, ACD Reduction, Etc! Empty [Done] Update 31/07/13 - Event Info, ACD Reduction, Etc!

    Post by Laeta on Wed Jul 31, 2013 12:16 am

    Hi everyone!

    We decided to throw an update while there was no one online. Here's what's new:

    • We added a Event Ticket Trader NPC. From now on, you no longer get rewarded with Zeny if you win an Event, you get these instead, the trader can be found in the mall!
    • As we added the Event Ticket Trader, we decided to throw some War Coin rewards into the Event Ticket Trader NPC. So certain items are no longer
      purchasable through War Coins.
    • A Buff Badge has been added to the Vote/Donate NPC for only 3 Points. If you possess one, the Healer NPC will recognize it and grant you the max level of the following buffs:
      Blessing, Increase Agility, Gloria, Magnificat, Impositio Manus - Do note, the Buff Badge is character bound!
    • To answer another poll, we've removed 10% After-Cast Delay reduction by default. We thought this was a good compromise for those who voted to keep it, and others that voted -20%.
    • A few more commands have been added. You are now able to use: @pettalk, @monsterinfo/@mi and @changegm.

    That's about it.

    To thank our players for the amazing support and bug/problem reporting - every player will recieve a special present!
    You will be able to find it in your storage. If you do not have it, please re-log!

    Enjoy playing!

    - WarfareRO Staff

    Currently busy with lots of changes! Expect even more new and exciting updates! Wink

    Please be so kind to vote for us! Or like us on Facebook!
    Also, reviews are very much appreciated! - Thank you!

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