[Done] Update 03/08/13 - FW Working & Classes buffed!


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    [Done] Update 03/08/13 - FW Working & Classes buffed!

    Post by Laeta on Sat Aug 03, 2013 1:34 am

    Hello everyone. Wink

    Today me and Crayon decided to take a look at the Faction War, due to the bug reports from last night. After a few hours of testing everything seems
    to be working as it should now. Those who have crashed earlier; my deepest apologies. If you patch, it'll fix the crash issue!

    A bit more information of how to collect War Coins:

    1x War Coin - For each player of the losing Faction
    1x War Coin - For each kill you make
    3x War Coin - For each player of the winning Faction

    The War Coins will be awarded after the Faction War, so, if you die rather fast; do not panic that you don't receive a War Coin right away.
    After the match is over, you will get your War Coin(s).
    An exception, of course, is for the War Coins you gain for killing, these will be awarded right away.

    We've also got rid of the log-out label. We think if we keep this, players that like to cause trouble would join the Faction War just to leave it
    right after it's started. This would end the Faction War and left the remaining players (that actually enjoy the event) without any fun. And we don't
    want that to happen!

    The only log-out consequence now is that, if every member of whichever Faction leaves/logs out, the opposite Faction will be declared as winner.

    Hopefully this clears some up!


    On a completely other note, we have buffed up the classes some, caster classes in particular. You will notice that you'll do about triple the damage from what you've done before this reboot.
    As for the normal/non-caster classes; these have received an additional 15% damage.

    If you still think certain classes are too weak, or too powerful, be sure to let us know! Thank you!

    Expect another update soon, we plan to implent more automated events! But more news about this later~ Wink

    Enjoy playing!

    - WarfareRO Staff

    Currently busy with lots of changes! Expect even more new and exciting updates! Wink

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    Also, reviews are very much appreciated! - Thank you!

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    Re: [Done] Update 03/08/13 - FW Working & Classes buffed!

    Post by johlanjj on Sat Aug 03, 2013 9:15 am

    woot woot. thats good!

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